Why You Should Be Feeding Mealworms to Chickens

Why You Should Be Feeding Mealworms to Chickens

Posted by Jenny on Jul 13th 2021

Feeding mealworms to chickens can provide a boost of protein

All living things require protein to survive and chickens are no exception. Chickens require protein, especially the amino acid methionine. Methionine is found in insects and is something chickens have to get in their diet.

Mealworms are exceptionally high in protein. In fact, mealworms that are dried contain 53% protein! Feeding even a few mealworms with normal feed or forage will increase your chicken’s protein intake.

Laying hens need about 16% of their diet to be protein. Feed and forage can provide much of that, but feeding mealworms to chickens can make sure that they get sufficient protein.

Mealworms can aid in molting

Chickens will molt during the spring and fall. When they molt, they lose old feathers. The old feathers are then replaced with the new ones.

If you haven’t ever seen a chicken going through molting, you may think that there is something wrong with your chicken. Don’t worry; molting is perfectly normal!

This hen is clearly molting across her back. Mealworms would help her replace those lost feathers.

Feathers are made almost entirely out of protein, so when new feathers are being made, the chicken needs additional protein. It takes a lot of extra protein to replace molted feathers.

Chickens going through molting need additional protein in their diet.

You can make sure that they have the protein they need by adding mealworms to their diet. The mealworms add a dense amount of protein easily and will have your chickens looking gorgeous again in no time.

More nutritious eggs

Eggs are considered one of the best sources of protein out there. Make them even more nutritious with extra protein from mealworms.

Many chicken keepers say that their egg flavor improved after adding mealworms to their hens’ diets. The addition of mealworms can give some hens the extra boost of protein needed to produce more eggs or to start producing eggs.

Are You Ready to Start Feeding Mealworms to Chickens?

I know they look gross and completely unappetizing to us but your chickens will love them. Use them as a treat when you visit your chickens and you’ll notice soon that they will look forward to your visits!

You can even use mealworms to train your chickens.If you want to train them to go up into the coop at night, go down to the coop in the evening and scatter mealworms on the ground. Close the coop up behind them and soon they will be meeting you down there to be put up!

There’s too many reasons why you should be feeding mealworms to chickens .